We have some fantastic news to start off with today:  Lulu has packed her things, had paperwork signed and left to go to her new forever home.

It was kind of bittersweet as my first foster cat to head off to their new happy life, and I didn’t really get a proper goodbye with her, but I’m happy that she’s going to a lovely family and she will have an older brofur and a garden to run around in.  She did give me one last ‘meow’ as they walk down the driveway – I’m taking that as a ‘thank you’.

McLaren made a new friend in Lulu the last week, having broken into the foster room on several occasions.  Lulu also ventured out and he took her on a little tour of the upstairs of my house.  After that, it was like kitty Romeo and Juliette, with McLaren sitting one side of the door and Lulu on the other, meowing at one another.

Other than the excitement for Lulu we have had a fairly lazy week.  I’m still recovering from the flu and on top of that forgot to renew my prescription and had medicine withdrawal, so there was lots of sleeping being done by both myself and the cats.

Laser even found her catnip pillow a great addition to my bed.  It gives me quite the shock when I fling the covers back and hear a beanbag type sound flop onto the floor!

In final news, my next-door neighbors appear to have a new dog.  It’s a sausage dog, about the same size as Laser and McLaren.  McLaren can’t seem to figure out why the new cat neighbor barks and goes for walkies with their other dog.

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