Hey folks, TGIF right?  I’m so looking forward to the weekend and a nice break from the working week.

I have something to pitch to you today, it’s a new bi-weekly plan for the blog and I’m hoping that there are plenty of cat lovers out there that want to get involved.  So without further ado, I present to you…

I’m planning to feature cats of the world and their loving owners every fortnight, answering some simple questions and providing some photos.  Any kind of cat, any background, any age.

If you want to get involved, drop me a message on my Contact page or on social media and I’ll be in touch with the questions to answer.

You maybe have noticed, that I’ve also updated my Facebook logo.  I’ve been meaning to sort one out for a while, and last night I had a spare half hour and set to it.

What do you think?

As it’s Friday, there is just one last thing to do…  the Friendly Fill-Ins from  15andmeowing and four-legged furballs blog hop.

1. ONE CAN _________.

Carry:  One can be lonely without her pet cats.

Laser:  One can eat all of the tuna by herself if you let her.

McLaren:  One can of tuna please.

2. GIVEN THE CHOICE OF _________ OR _________, I WOULD PICK _________.

Carry:  Given the choice of  a night in or a night out, I would pick a night in everytime.

Laser:  Given the choice of McLaren or another cat, I would pick McLaren.  He’s annoying at times, but he’s my baby brother and I love him.

McLaren:  Given the choice of wet food or dry food, I would pick both please.

3. _________ MAKES ME FEEL _________.

Carry:  Confrontation makes me feel uncomfortable, so I tried to avoid posting about controversial topics that might cause people to try and argue with me.

Laser:  Carry’s warmth in bed makes me feel cosy and safe.

McLaren:  Food makes me feel happy.

4. I NEVER GO A DAY WITHOUT _________.

Carry:  I never go a day without fussing my furbabies.

Laser:  I never go a day without making sure my coat is soft and groomed.

McLaren:  I never go a day without food!

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